Knowledge – How we work


Print Supply Chain Management is a complex topic as well as an absolute niche. In order to make our services easier to understand, we have compiled a small glossary below.

But first: what does PRINT SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT mean? Well, imagine a chain in which each link depends on the other to be strong and functional. We apply this image to print-related marketing services, where we handle complex, cost- and time-critical campaigns for our clients. The links in our print supply chain management consist of the elements CONSULTING, PURCHASING, PROJECT MANAGEMENT, REALISATION, FULFILMENT and PRINT MEDIA LOGISTICS. This completes the chain and offers our customers a one-stop shop and the security that their projects are in good hands from the idea to the deployment.

For us, the first step is always CONSULTATION.

We want to understand how you work as a customer, know your processes and interfaces. What are your goals?
We analyse the costs, the desired quality and the service level for the project and redefine the processes together with you.

Goal: “Improve processes, make projects more efficient”.


SPECIALIST PURCHASING – As a specialist in print media, we have been purchasing for our customers on the international market for decades. We know which trades are needed for the implementation of a print campaign and know or research the most suitable supply partners for this.

Regular market analyses, tenders and supplier evaluations are a matter of course for us.

We are transparent with our customers, document our work and exchange information with the customer’s purchasing department on request.

Goal: “Create cost advantages for the customer with specialised knowledge”.

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We see PROJEKT-MANAGEMENT as an integral part of our work.

We plan upcoming projects meticulously, coordinate all project participants (clients, agencies, service providers), monitor milestones and deadlines until final delivery.

The management of client budgets including regular reporting is a natural part of project management for us.

Goal: “Smooth workflow and on-time implementation of the campaign”.


In REALISATION we can demonstrate our passion and competence for print.

As print and media engineers, we master the technologies of pre-press, printing and finishing. We monitor all manufacturing steps of print products and ensure the quality in the process.

In the event of a complaint, we take care of the processing without burdening the customer.

Our goal: “To produce print products of the best quality”.


The best print products are of no use if they do not reach the target customer in a coordinated manner. That is why FULFILMENT is a very important link in our supply chain.

Different product elements are brought together: in a mailing, for example, the cover letter, a brochure, an interactive element, a reply card with a competition and the envelope. These are assembled by machine or manually and then delivered to the post office with optimised postage.
Other print and non-print products are stored in order to be picked according to demand and retrieved via online shops.

Goal: “On-demand and on-time fulfilment in run 1”.


PRINT MEDIA LOGISTICS – Precisely because print volumes have declined in recent years, specialised print media logistics makes sense: we bundle the requirements for individual countries or, for example, dealer organisations and deliver them in bundles.

In this way we ensure that all the material for a campaign is available on time.

Goal: “Delivery reliability, cost efficiency, environmental compatibility”.