About us

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We love print – 77 years and counting.

Zetweka is the one address for all ambitious and challenging print projects.
We combine passion for printing with the punch of our own IT solutions and the power to manage complex processes. An independent and globally operating print manager, we are the one stop for all services directly related to the production and distribution of printed materials.

Dates and Facts

  • Year established: 1946.
  • Independent and owner-managed
  • Managing partners: Manfred H. Bläser, H.-Jürgen Klusch
  • Employees: Highly specialised staff from the graphic arts industry, office clerks, and IT developers.
  • Offices: Cologne, Germany, Billericay UK, Madrid ES


Our customers regularly attest to our top performance – incentive enough to continually rise above ourselves.

Jürgen Klusch, managing partner

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What is it that both customers and partners like about Zetweka? Well, we stand for continuity, reliability and quality at a very high level.

We rely on a living, open partnership with our customers to realize the best possible solutions. Fairness and trust are the common basis for successful business relationships.

Our expert teams are marked by their expertise and consulting strength. That requires a good education, in-depth experience, methodical teamwork, market review, a proactive approach, a spirit of innovation, and constant dialogue with customers and suppliers. We put our focus on information technology and so create the connection from traditional print media to complementary media to meet complex user needs and requirements. We will continue to grow and evolve with our customers and their needs.


if award
vega award
telly award


Ford World Excellence Award

On November 24th, 2010, Steve Proctor,
Purchasing Director at Ford of Europe, presented Zetweka with the Ford Excellence Award in Gold. The WEA is a global award
presented each year by the Ford Motor Company in honour of superlative service.





VCC Award of Excellence

On October 2011 Volvo Car Corporation has awarded us with the Supplier Excellence Award Diploma for our service quality.

Our z:award

In 2009 we created and conferred for the first time the z:award as a „Supply Partner Excellence Award“. At Zetweka, we assess our supply partners yearly. Each year, the conferment of our z:award shall express the results of this internal rating for the previous 12 months.

It is a statement and a symbol for outstanding cooperation.

We see the z:award as motivation for our partners, an incentive for even more efficient collaboration.

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